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Jester Nemeño
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Trainer Data:
Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
Gender: Male
Hometown: ???
Trainer class: Ranger, Psychic, Deceiver*
Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

*Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.


These Mightyena stalked around me, waiting for an opportunity; I didn't give it to them. With my son tucked securely between my front legs, I tried my best to keep Pyrus safe, but every moment I waste, gives them an opportunity to attack. I'm stuck to my spot in the middle of the two prawling mightyena as I prepare for their attack.

I shifted my eyes to the right; A Mightyena was clear on charging at me. The other rushed from the opposite side. I had little time to think; I need a plan immediately. With the help of Nasty Plot, I got my idea. 

I grabbed Pyrus and tossed him above me. The Mightyena came at me and it quickly turned into a fire fight. I kept slashing at one off them and constantly dodged the other.

The struggle took only a few seconds before the two receded from me, just as Pyrus returned from his fall. I caught him and prepared for their next attempt.There was no time for hassles. I gazed at their souless eyes and it came like an invitation for them. Soon enough, they were at it again. Once I threw Pyrus up, the Mightyenas came rushed me. Once again it turned into a struggle. I grabbed a Smoke Ball I brought along and created some cover. I kept them tangled inside form my next big move: Play Rough ensued.

After a few moments struggling, I managed to toss them towards the wall. This time I sent them running with tails between their legs. Pyrus returned once again from the fall I gave him. He was feeling very woozy, but  I'm just glad he's safe.

"You alright, Pyrus?"

"Yeah... Im alright…" Pyrus replied, swirly-eyed.

The danger hadn't passed, though. Moments after the Mightyena fled, A blood-curdling howl echoed throughout the dungeon; More will come.

"We need to go. NOW!" 

I placed Pyrus on my back and sprinted for the exit. It didn't take long for me to reach the gate as  the first few rooms were clear(thank goodness) but once I reached the last chamber, two Houndoom were waiting.

"No! They're blocking our path!" I made an abrupt halt; Pyrus probably felt that.

"Father, what do we do?" Pyrus asked.

The Houndoom took a long look at us before charging with fangs bared and just as furious.

"We needed to find another way out."

I ran back to the hall but I could see a Mightyena at the far end. I looked to my back and the Houndoom are getting very close; I was trapped, or so I thought. I noticed a path hidden by the shadows to the left of me and ran in without reluctance.

It was long and dark. I don't know what I would meet. I ran down the empty corridor until suddenly I could hear some struggling ahead of me. A booming thunder reverbed through the hall and a Houndoom was hurled over our head. I continued onwards.

I arrived at the room and I could clearly see who caused the boom. From the elevated cliff I rested, I could see a Noivern amongst two other figures. I quickly  identified them as Guild Members; From the Explorers guild I would bet. I thought to sneak around them, but they had noticed me before I left the room. They prepared to attack. A leafeon began to speak.

"Who are you? Wait… you're the figure we saw earlier."

"There is no time for this. A pack is coming fast, we need to get out." I pleaded.

They were skeptical about my plea, but they soon noticed my son, who was clenching frightfully on my back, and so decided not to reason with me. 

"Alright! We need to head back." The Noivern commanded her fellow members.

"We'll lead you both to safety, but after this, you need to explain yourself. You're in our custody."

I nodded in agreement. I didnt care too much about how much trouble I'd be in. I just need to get my son out of here.


The explorers began escorting me back to where they entered. A few Houndooms got in our way, but the Explorers were exceptionally skilled at dealing with them. The path behind us began to show signs of the pack coming. The Noivern blasted the cueling and caved the path, giving us time to flee.

We were feets away from getting to the exit when one final occurrence took place.

"Get Down!" 

A powerful purple beam was heading straight for us. We had little to no time to dodge. The Arcanine had no other option but to pull out a Protect to shield us, but the impact threw us  further away from the exit.

When the smoke finally cleared, we were facing head-to-head with a Tyranitar. 

"We didn't see him before." The Leafeon mentioned. 

"He must've laid dormant until we return to the exit.

My heart raced at the thought of losing our chance to escape. Even with a Grass-type amongst us, we are still no match for the Rock and Dark type. Two of us are weak to him and I can't put a dent on him. Theres no other way around this now.

"Listen. Take my son and make for the exit." I requested them.

"What?! What about you?" The Arcanine was astonished by my development.

"We can't take on this Tyranitar. Even with the Leafeon with us, we are still no match for it. Make for the exit with my son while I grab its attention."

The Noivern was persistant and thought she could convince me out of this.

"That's preposterous! We're dealing with this together-"

"No! It will take too much time! The pack is coming and this might be your only chance at getting out." I explained.

"Only I can lure him away while you guys make for the exit! I can find my own way out but right now, I only care about my son's safety. We have no other choice anymore."

The Noivern was speechless. Her fellow team members were astonished as well, perhaps it might have the first time they saw their leader being told like that. The Noivern sighed and contemplated for a moment.

"Alright. We'll leave, with your son. But you better promise me you'll get out alive. We still have business regarding your presence here."

I looked at my son and gave him one last kiss. "You be good, son." He looked up at me with the most confused looked. It was the hardest moment I've ever done.

I gave them my son and went of to harass the pseudo-legend. The Explorers went around the Tyranitar, who was getting ready to strike at them. I called his attention.

"Hey! Numbskull!"

He turned to me and our eyes locked. I see a red haze coming from him which signified that the Taunt had worked. He sent a Hyper Beam at me and I evasively dodged it. The Hyper Beam strayed towards the ceiling and the cavern was getting ready to cave in. I saw a large chunk fall above the Noivern who had my son.

"Look out!" I yelled as I casted a Dark Pulse to destroy the boulder.

"Go!" I instructed her when our eyes met. She nodded before leaving. I could see my son pleading to reach me, but I need to do this.

After they finally left, I saw the exit caving in, losing my direct escape route; The entire cavern was beginning to fall apart. I dodge the falling debris, but it seems the rubbles are more prominant above the Tyranitar. They fell on top him and got buried under the debris, trapping the Tyranitar.

I stood there, looking at the rubble and thinking of a way to head back. There is still a pack to deal with on my way back, but I can find a way around them. After all, I have been here befo-


"I am amazed by your survival skills. After all that your still standing. But you were a tad bit careless… perhaps I can make use of you, like how I did with everyone else who trespassed in our Shrine."

"S-Shrine? I didn't know there was- ah?!"

"Go to sleep. Once you awake, you'll be under our control."


My father is a Liepard. His name is Pardus and he was a great treasure hunter. The very best treasure hunter!. He always told me awesome stories of exploring back when he was a treasure hunter which were so cool and made me want to go exploring someday, so when I found out that he was heading to a nearby dungeon south of Andalusst, I had to go.

"Absolutely not!" He yelled back. Dad didn't take my request kindly.

"Why not?" I mumbled out. 

He further objected, noting the dangers that would come with dungeon exploring.

I was a Fennekin at the time and as my father had stated, I was fragile. Even though I was small, I can handle things on my own, like that time I handled two thieves who sneaked in our den before my father got back.

"I'm not young anymore. I can handle it-"

"I said NO!" My dad cut me off before i could continue as he gave a piercing stare back at me.

"I can't risk your safety. I don't want to hear anymore of this."

And with that, he turned his back, tossing his cloak and left to go about the rest of the day. I was left pouting and disappointed, but I wasn't about to be defeated. I had a plan to sneak along behind without him knowing as I was about to that night.

It was midnight and the the entire city was already fast asleep, except for my father who sneaked past me. I was half asleep when I saw him pass me so I quietly got up and proceeded to follow without him noticing.

As my father reach the outskirts of the city he ran through to the grassy plains and sprinted past the long plain grass. I drowned under all the tall grass and got a bit lost. But I knew where father was. I could hear where he's coming from.

Father arrived at a cave ruin with stone blocks lined  around the gate. To be honest i got a bit scared to enter the cave. I could hear the eeriness of the echoing cave. However if i backed out, it would only prove how fragile i really am and i didn't want to how that. My father began to step through the gate and i ran after him. I got a bit too close to him when I jumped into the cave but luckily he still hasn't realized. 

Back then, I hadn't realized how crucial my klutziness until only years later that I found out that had i not done that, I would be left in the dungeon alone.

I followed him through the first few rooms and past a few chests; I watched as father took some loot and placed it in his bag. I tend to grab what he has missed or left behind, but without a bag I'm stuck to grabbing only one thing at a time with my mouth. I did make sure not to get seen as I watched father do his treasure hunting. 

Strangely, I didn't see any dungeon Pokémon that I've kept hearing in his stories. Usually dungeons are full of them, but we were thirty minutes in and still I see no sign, I wanted to see how my father would deal with them. Now that I mentioned it, we have been roaming room after room after room. Where are the stairs? This must be one gigantic floor. My father had already caught on and began acting more restless and rushed. It makes it more than necessary for me not to get lost.

I continued to follow my father from within the shadows but later I felt a strange sensation on my spine. I turned around slowly to see what would cause it. No one was there; There's only a dark, empty corridor I had passed a few moments ago. 

I resumed to watch my father loot the dungeon, but my growing angst is getting very unpleasant. A shiver surged stronger down my spine as I returned to look at the dark corridor, again, only this time I saw this very faint figure. I squinted my eyes to make out what I had seen, but an eerie stare returned my gaze; I believed my heart skipped a beat and, on impulse, I ran straight to my father who wasn't pleased with my appearance.

"Pyrus! What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay at home!"

"I'm sorry dad. I wanted to go so badly but I sneaked behind. Now I'm scared and saw something very frightening down the hall."

I quivered in shock and pointed towards the darkness down the hall.

My father looked through the eerie blackness of the empty hall to sight a silhouette at the other end. He maintained an aggressive posture in an effort to drive off what startled me, however it wasn't enough.

Two Pokemon emerged from within darkness - A Mightyena and a Houndoom. They looked fierce with fangs baring wide but what was off was the color of their eyes. They had black eyes and were emitting some sort of faint fog. Now that I mentioned it, their eyes retained an empty stare, as if possessed by something.

Its obvious they can't be reasoned with. My father prepared for their attacks. This was a 2-on-1 situation and i could tell my father aint up for it. But he wasn't about to let that deter him. For our sake.
--- (Few hours ago)

I was tired and sleepy. My leafy ears drooped down and my tail dragged along the ground. My green fur felt ruffled as i had no time to groom. I yawned very loudly - a sign I was very tired. Soara mustn't have noticed. That Noivern was too focused on the mission to notice anything from me. I just tailed behind her and another fellow team member, Lucy, an Arcanine. At least she was concerned.

"You alright, Connar?" The Arcanine ask, turning her head towards me as we walked.

I was losing of focus as we moved on ahead. Lucy's voice was enough to snap me out of my trance, though.

"Uh! Y-Yes..." I replied. "Im fine." I gave her a comforting smile. I didn't want to worry her, not after the last exploration that caused our team enough trouble. I guess my smile didnwt look all too real as it made her more concerned.

"You sure? Remember the other night. I don't want you passing out during a battle, again."

"Yes, I'm sure. I wasn't prepared that night. But now Im ready for anything." I assured her as I showed her my satchel with Chesto Berries in it. 

"Guys. Stop." The Noivern made an abrupt stop.

"What is it, Soar-" 

"Quiet down." I didn't have time to finish my statement. Before I knew it, Soara was dragging me down with my mouth covered.

"Whats wrong?" I asked softly once she lifted her wing off me.

"Shh…" She gestured with her claw and pushed away some leaves infront of us.

We were at the stone ruins but I could see a faint silhouette standing before the entrance. I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it began to head into the dungeon we were supposed to survey. I was about to jump out to follow it before Soara once again had to drag me down.

"Stay put for a moment!" 

We observed further before another figure showed up and headed in the dungeon after the first silhouette.

"Soara, what were they?" Lucy wondered after the two figures have gone.

"I dont know. It might just be some of the dungeon Pokémon, but theres a chance it could be raiders."

Soara emerged from the bush and gathered the team for the briefing.

"We need to watch our backs when we're inside. Remember: Stay together and don't get lost. Got that? Lets move out."

Soara lead us through the gates and as i stepped in, it felt as if I was warped in.

A sudden end to the sensation threw me off my feet and I faceplanted onto the dungeon dirt. I remained flat, welcoming the soothing sense of lying on the ground. However, something slipped my mind.

"Its no time to take a nap." 

The Noivern picked me up by my neck and righted my posture. I was still dazed and wobbly on my feet; tired feelings surged back after that trip.

"I think nows the time to use those berries you brought." Lucy mentioned.

I almost forgot about them. I took one Chesto from my bag and gobbled it in one bite. It was enough to bring back my senses, but my body still tires.

"That should do for now. Lets proceed with our expedition." 

Soara instructed before she went ahead of us. Lucy and I followed behind.


Minutes past and we came across a peculiar room. 

"The treasure here has been looted." Soara pointed out as we peaked inside the small empty chest. 

"Looks recent. Must've been those raiders earlier." Lucy theorized and I believed she was right. 

Mystery dungeons usually get replenished once an hour has passed since the last visitor left, or so I read. Those two figures earlier were the last once besides us that entered. No dungeon Pokemon would think of looting a chest.

"Lets get moving. We need to finish this survey soon." Soara hoped and we moved along.

Unfortunately for Soara, this dungeon survey won't be ending quick.

A howl echoed through the hall. 

"W-What was that?" I shivered from the blood-curdling howl.

"On your guard! Their coming close." Soara instructed.

Soon a shadow emerged from around the corner, we prepared for their arrival - I ate a Chesto to maintain my focus and a Sitrus to regain my energy. We were finally prepared for them, but something came up that was beyond our anticipation.

"Aurgh!" Lucy yelped as something had struck her.

I turned to her and found a Houndoom biting down her neck.

"Get off!" I shouted, sending an Energy Ball towards the Houndoom before charging in with a Leaf Blade.

The Houndoom yelped and was thrown to the ground and into the shadows, losing my sight on it.

"You alright, Lucy?" 

I asked as I inspected the wounds on her neck.

"Yeah. Im fine." She replied. I was beginning to think that was the last of any surprises, however we didn't have time to savor the relief.

"Guys! We have company!" Soara yelled out.

Three Mightyenas appeared ahead of us. They appeared very aggressive but something was odd with them.

"What's with their eyes?." Lucy pointed out. 

It might just be the lack of adequete lighting but I'm positive about this: Their eyes were black. Their iris were a pale silver and maintained a blank stare. They appear hypnotized. 'By who?' The thought raced my mind. Now that i think about it, the Houndoom before had it, as well. But I was too busy to notice it then.

Speaking of Houndoom, I had just realized. We hadn't finished the Houndoom earlier. I looked to my back and there it was. The Houndoom, unfinished with us. We were surrounded. We needed to think of something quick.

A Linoone was leading a trio through the streets of Andalusst. Luke and Pyrus followed Zeta who in turn was walking beside the Linoone who was more than grateful for their company.

"Thanks for coming to help me, again." The Linoone muttered. 

"No need for gratitude, Trace." Zeta commented. "Pyrus insisted for me to help after hearing about the thief."

The Braixen stood beside Zeta, quiet but eavesdropping throughout their conversation. Partially hidden from the Linoone's sight, he waited nervously for instructions to do. His past experiences with the Linoone have been less than friendly. Between an ex-thief and a shop keeper who he had been harassing, it was not special.

"Ah yes… 'the thief'." Trace said at the back of his voice, keep in it silent but partially audible. He glares down on the Braixen before he leaned towards Zeta's ear.

"Make sure you keep him in check. I don't trust him and I DON'T need TWO thieves to deal with." Trace whispered before stepping back as he gave the Braixen one last glare.

As they passed the streets and through the crowds, they arrived to a little stand on the side of the street. You can tell it was rented by the note stock on its old wooden frames. Linoone tore it off before anyone got a chance to read it. There was only glimpse but you could tell it was about his "rent due". They had no time to process that before the Linoone began speak.

"Before I go, let me remind you of what's going on: A thief has been giving me trouble recently. Although I am more than capable to handle any petty thief, this one's no pushover. Keep your eyes peeled."

"I'm counting on you, Zeta."

"You need not to worry." Zeta proclaimed. "After today, this thief won't be bothering you again."

Later that day, business resumed as normal. Faces passed by and the clouds fluttered above. Luke was with Pyrus as they waited in front of the Linoone's stall for the thief to come. Zeta, was settled above the crowds above the buildings for a better eye on the thief.

This wen on for hours and minutes waste but still no sign for what their looking for. Pyrus snoozed off as he grew tired of waiting. Zeta took a moment to write on his book, however, he did so at the wrong moment.

"THIEF! Come back here!" Trace yelled. A shady figure ran past the stall and didn't even take a moment to stop while he grabbed something from his stand.

Luke reacted accordingly to Trace's shout and chased the thief wildly down the crowded streets. Hearing the ruckus on the streets, Pyrus awakens and staggers to keep up as he was now racing to catch up with Luke. The thief made turn to an empty ally and made use if some crates lying aside to scale the height of the small buildings in minutes before knocking them down on the pursuing Absol. Luke tried to followed, but not without wasting time trying to climb without supports.

The thief was now running free from pursuers, but in his moment of relief, Zeta appeared ahead of the thief's path. The thief made a sudden turn, leaping rashly towards the next building without a second thought. As he did so, he was struck by a well-timed Incinerate thrown preemptively at the thief's next position. The thief's long, brown, ragged cloak smoldered from the Incinerate as he recovered to time his landing perfectly on the next building. 

He discarded his burnt out cloak, revealing the thief who was under it. He was a purple feline with a cream splotches throughout its coat - it was a Liepard. Pyrus got a good look at the thief and his assumptions were right. It was his father.

Rather than giving the Braixen a chance to speak, the Liepard fled further out the city and was heading towards the empty plains. Pyrus made a desperate attempt to catch him as he lunged at the Liepard and finally stopped him on his tracks just as the fields were in the horizon.

"Father!" Pyrus yelled. "What's going on here?"

Pyrus waited for his reply but the Liepard made no verbal response. Instead, the Liepard readied a Shadow Ball to throw it at the Braixen at point-blank.

Pyrus' eyes widened as he stood there, shocked at his father's actions. Then out of the blue, a gust of chilled wind blew through the paralyzed Braixen and pushed the thief giving some distance between him and Pyrus. Luke arrived at the scene and secured himself ahead of Pyrus.

Zeta arrived to wake Pyrus off his trance was still zoned out from his father's actions. 

"Pyrus! Snap out of it!" He yelled, vigorously shaking the Braixen and constantly waving his arm on his eyes.

The Liepard made use of the scene to make his escape as they were distracted but Zeta hadn't ignored him.

"LUKE! Don't let him escape!"

With Zeta's instructions, Luke swung his scythe and a high-voltage crack shoot forth from his scythe and onto the fleeing feline who stood no chance from the Thunder and fell like a rock down towards the grassy fields below.

Luke got down to investigated the scene while still remaining various of he thief. The resource that were stolen were scattered across crash site and the culprit laid in the center. As soon as Luke gazed at the Liepard, some mysterious changes began to appear. Zeta and Pyrus arrived in time to witness the Liepard's change.

As they stood their, they observed how the feline turned white a reverted to a purple gelatinous form.

"I knew it." Zeta said once the change was complete. It was a Ditto who had been running around impersonating Pyrus' father.

Once the Ditto was conscious, Zeta approached him and grabbed him around wherever the neck may be.

"I need an explanation as to why you were running around in that form."

"And how did you get my father's form?!" Pyrus added as he snarled angrily at the imposter.
"Alright. I'll tell you. I snuck around the Eternal Caves for some treasure to loot until I found a Liepard lying unconcious on the floor. I saw valuable things on him and decided to loot it, but as I grabbed on, he immediately awoken and started attacking me like a Zangoose towards a Seviper. I copied his form and made my escape with his cunning speed. His furiousity was beyond frightening. I barely made it alive. You should've seen his eyes as he came lunging at me. They were as pitch-black as the moonless night-"

"Pitch-black eyes? As in black scleras? You're lying!" Pyrus interupted as the Ditto began into details. Pyrus knew his father more than anyone there and certainly he didn't have black scleras. "You're making up stories to cover your farce"

"But I'm telling the truth." The ditto insisted, but Pyrus grew annoyed, leaking embers from his maw. Luke interrupt before it got heated with a clue backing the thief's story.

"Wait Pyrus. I've observed a scar running down his left leg while he was the Liepard before he morphed back. They were certainly claw marks and not too old, too." The Absol cooled Pyrus by showing some clue. Luke certainly sounded

"Tsk!" Pyrus pouted, his disbelief goes deep into his heart. His father couldn't have done this. He was not a violent Pokémon.

Zeta saw Pyrus' ordeal on the matter and decided to do what can help.

"We'd better search in the dungeon for some clues to what really happened." Zeta suggested. However Luke doesn't see a light to that.

"We don't even know where the dungeon is."

"Don't worry we have the thief to tell us." Zeta suggested but before he could interrogate the Ditto, Pyrus insisted.

"No need. I know where it is. It is to the South of Andalusst." He spewed out before adding a backstory to his claim. "That was where I was separated with my dad."

Zeta nodded. "Agreed. Don't worry Pyrus. We will soon find him."

The atmosphere was now calm before the Ditto spoke out to break the mood.

"H-Hey! Ive told you all I know. Now let me go!" The Ditto shouted and struggled to loosen Zets's grasp, but the Zoroark hadn't forgotten about him. 

"I'm handing you to the guards for the trouble you've been bringing." Zeta said as he began walking towards the city

"You guys head on ahead. I'll meet up with you later." Zeta said before leaving.

An hour has passed since they last split. The wide grassy plains swayed with the hot summer breeze. The leaves were rustling as a gust blew by. Luke and Pyrus were waiting outside the forest overlooking the city beyond. Pyrus grew restless as the time wasted by.

"What's taking Zeta so long? It shouldn't take this long to hand down one thief to the guards."

Just as he said that, a silhouette could be seen running towards them. 

"Sorry I made you wait." Zeta said as he panted. "I ran to a little trouble. Where is the dungeon?" 

"It's no good." Luke stated. "An Explorer Guild Member is blocking our way to the dungeon." Luke swept away some lingering leaves behind him as he revealed the aforementioned Pokemon. A Krookodile stood there bearing a wide black brim hat. An unusual color it bear as its supposedly dark bands were a shining gold.

"We aren't allowed to enter. It was off limits." Pyrus stated "We decided to wait for you to settle it with him."

Zeta nodded thinking it was the right thing. He approached the Krookodile while Luke and Pyrus followed behind him.

The Krookodile saw the Zoroark approaching but noticed the two other Pokemon trailing close by. He spoke out in a westerly accent; something reminisce of how a cowboy talks.

"How many times do I have to tell ya'll. This Dungeon is OFF Limits!" The Krookodile shouted.

As Zeta grasped his tone, it was now understood why Luke and Pyrus decided to wait for him.

"Please. We just need to investigate this dungeon." Zeta explained.

Seeing how annoyed the Krookodile was, it was already evident that he has to deal with this all day, or perhaps deal with Luke and Pyrus a moment ago.
"Only Explorers are allowed to survey this dungeon." The Krookodile said. "And I believe ya ain't even Explorers."

"But he is." Luke said, pointing towards Pyrus who grinned and waved nervously with a sweat as the Krookodile's stare pierced him.

"Hm? I don't believe any of you have even set foot in a dungeon. Now get going before I report this to the Guild Leaders!"

"Hehe... Sorry for the trouble. We'll be on our way now." Zeta said with a sweat as he pushed Luke and Pyrus along.

Once they returned to the city, Luke's disappointment became clear. He couldn't get it out of his mind to get in the dungeon no matter what it takes.

"I dont get it, Zeta. Why don't we just sneak in when he's not looking?" Luke tried to pursuade Zeta into agreeing despite his constant disagreement.

"I would rather stick to the rules for now. Besides, he's right. None of us have even properly set foot in a dungeon."

As they head back to the inn, a large crowd caught their eye. As they got close, they could vaguely hear what they believe to be a guild leader. A familiar Buizel could be noticed within the crowd.

"Hey Rinu! What's this all about?" Zeta asked.

"The guild is planning a dungeon exploration. I'm so excited!"

Luke couldnt believe the timing.
"Did you hear that? This is perfect! This can give us the experience we to travel through a dungeon. With enough merits we might even be able to get in the Eternal Caverns."

PMDU - Intermission

Another piece after... (1-2...) many months of inactivity ^^; Anyway this took place before the dungeon explorations but after "Recruit".(Not necessarily needed to read before this but please do :D)

Minor Cameo for Gondor234's Rinu
Pyrus, Zeta and Luke all stood in front of the dungeon gate and prepared for their approach. Pyrus stood ahead and got ready before heading in first. Firmly grasping his explorer pack, he made his farewell to Zeta and Luke before heading in towards the unknown dungeon.

His entrance into the dungoen felt cloudy and the experience gave a moment of daze as he set foot on the dungeon floor. He felt a forward tug of gravity as he collects his thoughts to stabilize his position. The room was dark but it appeared to be elevated and somewhat steep. Some stones rolled down from the sudden jolt of movement when he had stopped his movement.

It continued to tumble downhill as it rolled towards the other wall. A sudden plume of purple smoke detonated as the rocks struck the wall with a slight force. Once the plume cleared, spikes radiating a purple glow stuck to the ground, implying a trap had been triggered. He'd better be careful, as more traps could present.

An old, locked, creaky door blocks Pyrus path to the a room when he approached the western side. He rubbed his paws and took his wand-stick, which ignited with a spark from the friction of his tail fur. He spun it forward and aimed it in front of him. He placed the flaming end ahead of his maw and blew a strong stream of fire from the back of his throut. The Incinerate made contact with the flames from his stick which resulted in a plume of fire which blasted the old door off its rivets. He returned his wand-stick on his tail and entered the room.

He felt an odd sensation, as if he could almost trip, the moment he gets in the room. His body felt as if he was moving faster than his feet could allow; It was strange to say the least. His walking stabilized later on after sometime. Perhaps it was all in his head.

He spots something stuck on the ground as he got his senses back. It was one of those Fleshcap mushrooms the guild had mentioned; Certainly the guild may want this. He pulled the fungus off its roots and placed it in his pouch.

He looked around the room, searching for any pathways it may lead. The cavern lead to nowhere else so he turns back to room before this. He moved on towards the east door which bore the same door that had blocked him earlier. Once more, he repeated the procedure and blasted the door. This time around it flew open without even ripping the hinges off. Perhaps it wasn't even lock in the first place.

The smoke clears, and the contents of the room was apparent. Vines hang off the walls and cielings and through the cracks on the walls and ground. It was hard to spot what else was inside and is certainly difficult to move around.

He noticed some small trees growing from the cracks and went to observe them, but a russle was heard and it was coming from behind him.

"INTRUDER!" it shouted before spiting out a Mud bomb towards the Fire type.

Pyrus grasped the vines and swung around to evade the incoming Mud bomb. The Fire type moved swiftly around, through the foolage and vines to get an advantage over his attacker. It tried desperately to hit Pyrus, but it seemed that the Braixen's speed was too fast for him. Pyrus made one fast leap to land behind his attacker and threw a Powered fist towards it. He threw his attackers through the foilage and towards the cavern walls, printing a crack on the wall. A short glimpse during its flight identified his attacker as a Barboach, one of the hostiles mentioned by the guild. 

Pyrus stood from his place and observed a purple smoke plume at the point where the Barboach crashed. Purple needles shoot from the smoke and towards Pyrus, barely missing him by an inch as it shoot past him towards the wall behind him. Once the smoke cleared, the startled Braixen investigated the site and found his attacker lying unconcious. Purple needles riddled the ceiling and walls and, luckily, some of the foilage preventing the needles from covering the whole room.

Pyrus roamed along the walls for a new path and hopefully no more traps. He scouted the entire perimeter of the room only to return to the door he started from. It was clear this room holds no other path. Pyrus turned back to the room before and searched the south door, beside the sprung trap.

He tried the door to see if it was open and oddly enough it was partly opened. He pushed the door which swung fully inwards towards the new vast cavern. The walls were supported with strong wooden posts which appear as if they were recently placed.

Pyrus felt a quiver down tmthe ground below him. The dungeon was shaking and rubble fell off the cuelings. It was short, and the shaking subsided. A faint sound was heard down the west path and fed Pyrus'  curiousity.

A bright light began contrasting the ambient atmosphere as he got closer. Pyrus hid behind a large boulder as he overlooked source where the light came from. Voices echoed and it sounds like a struggle. Faint shadows could be seen on the wall which showed a struggle between four Pokemon.

Pyrus approached cautiously closer and he soon came upon a sight of a Barboach which was thrown a distance beside him. Pyrus sprint towards the shadows to hide his presence from the Barboach. Luckily, the mudfish slipped past him.

Pyrus continued his approach towards the light source and spots a familiar Tyrant facing two Barboach alone. His Shuppet partner laid beside a wall with bruises all over. Pyrus noticed a few planks lying beside and decided to use it. Pyrus lept from his shady hiding and tossed a wooden plank towards one Barboach with his Psychic which shoot the Barboach towards the wall, knocking it unconscious. The Tyrunt finished the other Barboach with a --- and sent him cowering with his knocked out Barboach ally.

The Tyrunt let out a sigh in relief.

"I thought we were finished."

He turned towards the Braixen and was surprised to find a familiar face.

"You're the Braixen friend of Zeta. Pyrus, right? Zeta already shared me your name" He said cheerfully. "What a coincidence to see you here."

"What were you doing here?" Pyrus asked.

"Same as you." He explained, "We arrived earlier and placed these supports and widened this path towards the next room. But we were ambushed by the two Barboach and knocked my partner out before we could retaliate."

The Tyrunt approached his injured partner and carried her in his arms. "My partner is greatly injured, so I can't resume our trek. Thank you for coming to our aid."

And the Tyrunt went off to leave the dungeon. 

Pyrus still has more to survey in this dungeon. After the team left, finds a Spoolstone stuck on the ground directly below his feet. He collects it and places it in his pouch before returning back to the last room.

Across the room was a wooden door he had apparently missed when he first entered. He bursted through using a lesser Overheat which released an amount of smoke and cleared the path to the next room.

He steps in as the smoke clears, but floor began to crumble from below his feet. Floor gives way and Pyrus fell into the hole. A Barboach peaks from above and taunts the Braixen.

"Fufufufu! I foreseen you fell into that trap. Now my next prophecy is your doom!"

The Barboach bombards Pyrus with a Mud Bomb, but the Braixen blasts it away with Incinerate. The Barboach doesn't let up as he constantly throws attacks at the Braixen leaving him with no option but to dodge.

As Pyrus runs to dodge the rain of attacks, he comes up with a plan using the stack of planks he has left and Psychic. With concentration, he hypercharges the energy around a wood plank and threw it towards the ceiling. It tosses a rock slide down onto the unsuspecting Barboach as well as bounces off to hit the Barboach first, knocking him back while the rock slide buries him.

With the opportunity open, Pyrus uses what is left of his planks to climb up of the ditch by makeshift platforms. Pyrus leaps ahead of the Barboach crawling to collect his thoughts and rains down Overheat, leaving a fiery stream. As the stream clears the Barboach was laid down unconcious.

The battle ends and Pyrus resumes his survey but Pyrus finds no path here; This room was a waste of effort. Before he could turn back, he sees a glimpse of what looks like rusted parts within the darkness with an eerie, ancient feel to it. He comes for a closer look and finds an old rusty machine which looks like what people used to build before. The parts appear to still be functional, though. He notes its location for the Research team to comeback later for better inspection. He turns back to the other room to continue his survey.

Wearily, he starts to tire from this journey. He returned to the area where he encountered the other team and continued on south to a cavern which appeared unstable to the slightest noise. Quietly, he scouted the cavern and noted its features as to easily identify the cavern later on. 

As he jotted down his notes, he was alerted to a presence behind him which gave him time to escape a potential hit from a Water Gun. The cavern quivered slightly as the noise reverbed around the room. A sight of a Barboach caught Pyrus's eyes and all he could think was to silence him quickly before too much damage was done on the caverns.

As the Barboach sent another Water Gun, Pyrus prepared his Psychic to divert its attack back at the Barboach. The Ground/Water type was knocked back and Pyrus took the chance to strike him with a Powered-up Punch. Pyrus threw himself towards the dazed Barboach, but the Ground/Water type preemptively used a Water gun and threw the Fire type back with greater force. Pyrus crashed to the ground, wet, weakened and farther away from the Barboach. Pyrus staggered to lift himself, then the Ground/Water type sent a Mud Bomb to finish him. Determined, Pyrus sent a full-powered Overheat to counter the Mud Bomb heading towards him. The Overheat was more than enough to counter the Mud Bomb and continued straight towards the Barboach. Blazed by the attack, the Ground/Water type fell unconscious as inconspicous burns riddles his body. 

Pyrus got on his feet, though he was too weakened to carry anything else. He made for the exit nearby and left the dungeon to send his report back to the Explorer's Guild.

Basalt Halls - Nova
Team Nova: [link]

Team Rapstrike: [link]

Team Rapstrike belongs to :icongondor234:
Pyrus belongs to me

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