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Alluring Illusion
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Trainer Data:
Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
Gender: Male
Hometown: ???
Trainer class: Ranger, Psychic, Deceiver*
Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

*Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.


Regular Side:

Name: Zeta
Age: 5 (Pokemon years; Adult)
Gender: Male
Attitude: Introverted. Zeta is very focused at tasks he is given, or reading his books. However, Zeta is very willing to help anyone he meets. He almost always has a focused glare slapped on his face, but Luke tries to put a smile on his face every once in a while.

Dark Side:

Name: Zen
Age: 5 (Pokemon years; Adult) Only a few months ago.
Gender: Male
Reaction: Unknown. No one knows how this has developed, not even Zeta. Any thought of anger may trigger the curse.
Appearance: Zeta's eyes will tense, his sclera will turn black almost as dark as the moonless night. His teeth will bear and fire may leak out of his maw.
Attitude: Insanity-driven, mentally tormented. Zeta is in immense pain and will attack anything and anyone on sight if he thinks it will help ease him of his torment. He will constantly tear up from the pain and fear. He may shout out of nowhere for something to "go way, leave him, or he had enough".
Modifiers: For some reason, Zeta's strength will grow immensely high. His attacks will hit more powerfully and wildly. Zeta's speed and agility have grown exponentially. He gains the ability to breathe fire as hot as molten magma. His illusions will flare wildly around him, disorienting anyone unlucky enough to get near him. He has no control over his illusions.
Deactivation/Control: There is no cure for Zeta's torment. Hypnosis can calm and subdue him, but once he awakens, his insanity will come back as evident during the early stages of his development within supervision. How Zeta has controlled it now is beyond him; he has no clue of his past as well as the insanity. It is hinted that the yellow ring on his eyes have something to do with it as he said he wasn't born with them.
Mindset: Constantly tormented. Zeta will see everything as some scary scene and will attack anything he sees if he believes it will ease him. This torment can lead to rage as he grows fed up of running. Zeta can't speak during this stage of his torment.
PMDU - Dark Side meme - Zeta
It has been hinted somewhere(who knows :\) that Zeta has a developing insanity in the past. It will be very... violent, but you'll have to wait until I get to that part of the story.

This is my first written meme. I haven't been posting things here lately, I have doodles on my drawing book that haven't been posting them :\ I need to up my game. >_<

Blank: Dark Side meme
Zeta belongs to Team Allure
Zeta (c) ~PyroNapalm
Voltra Joules - Personal NPC by PyroNapalm
Voltra Joules - Personal NPC
Manectric/Male/Serious; Highly Curious
Lightning Rod

Electrical Engineer
Attire: Googles and a small pouch

Electro Ball

Voltra is born in an industrial country called the Combined Light of Orion which has four light Beacons that keeps the fog away in a very large area. He studied at the Orion University for Power and Industry (OUPI) where he received his degree for Power Generation and Supply. Currently he works at the Lux Industry Power Plant maintaining the region's power.

Voltra is very focused in his work and won't allow any disturbances interfere with his job, however he can be very fun-loving and that is usually after work when he has nothing left to worry about. He was a skilled battler before his studies, though he has become rusty ever since he started working. He mostly walks on all four but can stand on two of his hind legs which allows him a great deal of work.

- When Voltra uses a Special move, his eyes will glow with the color of the type of the move he will use: Discharge will cause his eyes to glow yellow. His eyes will turn red when he's about to use Overheat.

- Voltra is based on my Manectric in Pokemon X.

- Voltra's name is shared with another of my OC: A Trainer, Shock Maniac and DJ who is also a Gym Leader and coincidentally uses a Manectric on his team.
The flickering flame crackled as everyone was seated, listening and waiting for their chance to tell a story. The stars flashed gracefully and sets the mood around the campfire. It was Luke's turn for his story so he rose up and thought of a good one.

"This story was told to me when I was very young:

'There was once a city where followers of life and destruction could live peacefully. The council was formed to govern the city-state and maintain the peace. A new belief sprouted who teaches the preservation of nature and the spread of equality amongst the citizens. The city was a peaceful and beautiful place and flourished for many decades to come until one day the city beacon was attacked. A group suddenly appeared before the tower that held the city's beacon much the the guard's dismay. They called themselves the Cult of Wy and they believed in returning the ways of life when the fog didn't exist and all roamed free and wild. They wanted to destroy the tower so the fog will return them to their primal state. The council defended the tower with everything they have, but it was not enough. The cult destroyed the city beacon and the city was lost within the fog which loomed in the city like a flood washing away the fields. What remained of the civilization and the new Cult of Wy were lost within the fog never to be heard again. It was said that what's left of Cult may still venture the fog searching for other cities to destroy.'"

"Do you think it's real?" asks a frightened Lillipup, but Luke was to bold for the story to scare him.

"Hah! My elders used to tell this story to scare the other kids, but I never got scared even for a moment." Luke said boldly.

"There might be some truth behind that story." Zeta cries out from within the crowd. "I've read on one book of an abandoned city found by explorers long ago. They found the beacon might have been destroyed in some way."

"Pffff-! Y-You're just trying to scare everyone." Luke was left with a broken smile as he the next storyteller came for the night.
Myth or not?
Luke tells of a story that placed a shiver on everyone's spine. Whether it is real or not is only up to time to tell. Luke doesn't seem all that scared on the outside but he might be frightened a little after Zeta's claim.

Team Allure:

Team Allure (c) me
Random Lillipup me also...
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Tagged by JoseCelada


  • Answer the tagger's 10 questions
  • Invent 10 new questions
  • Tag 10 people

Jose's Questions

1. What made you a Pokémon fan?

Back at 5th Grade, It was our Intramurals. I brought my Gameboy Advance SP to pass the time playing. I was playing Megaman Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar and one friend got curious and wanted to play it as well. He insisted on temporarily trading his Pokemon Leaf Green for my game and since I was curious about his game as well, I went for it. I could say that was the turning point for my interests as I soon got addicted to the game in a flash. Of course, I had to return the game eventually and that went when I arrived at the elite four since they were so hard at the time.

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you almost die?

Not that I recall. Never had a moment like that.

3. What's the most annoying thing you've ever been called?

It was during my Sophomore and Senior High School years. My name is Jessie Jay Nemeño (Male) and it ringed on everyone's ears. Eventually one classmate decided to make a joke of it using the song "Price Tag", singing the chorus calling me "Price Tag". The mention of it still gives me cringes -_-;

4.If you could, would you correct a horrible mistake even if it maybe could change your whole personality/make some pleasant experiences never happen?

I don't think I like tampering with fate. I believe everything that happens is part of His plans for m. All the mistakes are made so I could learn from them and make me a better person.

5. Math or science?

Mathematical! :iconalgebraicplz:

6. Do you ever wish you were born in the past/future? If so, in which exact time of the past/future would you like being born in?

I could wish I was born during the distant future where technology has greatly evolved and the Earth was a lot greener now.

7. If you're a fan of my writing, what do you like the most about it and which of my characters is your favorite?

Your stories are awesome! Narrative format just like how I used to start. I like Jonatan's and Alice's so much I wished we had RP'd more. @.@

8. What's your favorite number?

 I'm rather fond of numbers 2, 59, 95, and other multiples of 5 for some reason :\

9. Where's your username derived from?

PyroNapalm is derived from my Youtube channel which is based on my intense interests in Fire, explosions and the like. Napalm was based from the RTS "Generals" in which there was a Flamethrower upgrade "Black Napalm" which sounded very intense! @_@

10. If when you died you were reborn into your perfect alternate universe, which would it be?

Obviously the Pokemon World and PMD Realms! XD But there are other options namely the Fire Emblem Universe, and Need for Speed's Cities

My Turn! >:3

1. What are your favorite Game genres and your most Favorite game from each Genre?
2. Can you consider yourself a tech geek/nerd/expert :P?
3. Ever considered yourself Introverted or Extroverted? Are you proud of it?
4. What Pokemon-type best defines you?
5. Ever make conversations with yourself? Do you say them out loud, whisper or in your head?
6. Do you script your stories in your head and make a sort of "self RP" with your own characters?
7. What gets you excited when you go to a place? (your home, school, work, etc.)
8. What subculture do you define yourself? (Raver, Emo, Gamer, Otaku, etc.)
9. If you were in an RPG, what class would you be?
10. What is your nature, trait and characteristics based on Pokemon's system? (e.g. Calm, Often lost in thought)

I tag thee:











Anyway, thankees for the tag, JoseCelada. I had fun X)

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