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Jester Nemeño
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Trainer Data:
Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
Gender: Male
Trainer class: Psychic, Deceiver*
Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

*Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.


The day was hot. Scorched sand scattered the ground and each step buries your feet deep. Winds howling as sand get carried along wildly across the dunes. Zeta wasn't too pleased to be out here. With the heat scorching from all sides, you would think twice if the only thing you'd be worried about is the light of the sun on your back.

Hours ago, the Andalusst exploration party had arrived at the sun-baked town of the Cactus Fields. Zeta was part of the guild parties that set foot on the town as per the guild's expedition. In his mind constantly while they were carried in wagons was a thought about the phenomenon the ditto had said a week ago, regarding Pyrus's Father. 

Black eyes. Brutal. Violent. It echoed in his head. Something about those description made him dread but he can't bear to wonder why.

Luke was beside him throughout the ride. Luke was observing his blank stare into the floor of the wagon. It concerned Luke greatly.

"Zeta, I'm worried about you. You haven't said a word since we got here."

The moment Luke spoke, Zeta was snapped out of his trance.

"It's nothing, Luke. You don't need to worry."

Luke wasn't convinced enough, but he learned to trust him. 

As they set foot in town, Zeta wanted time on his own. His distracted mind needed some clearing and it's best there aren't people around to disturb him.

"You go ahead with the rest of the guild. I'll be away on my own for awhile. I'll be back before sunset."

Zeta left immediately as he finished saying it. Luke didn't have time to object. Before he knew it, Zeta was out of sight.

Wandering around town, Zeta decided to enjoy the view in contemplation. Though the desert heat was not too kind to him despite carrying along his long cloak, dubiously colored black for some strange reason; he opt not question it.

As he gazes the clear blue sky, he began wondering more about the phenomenon. He wasn't sure where, but he remembered being told those descriptions somewhere.

"… had… black eyes… acting… violent… terrifying… watch… thought… wouldn't… come back…"

Zeta's head was now throbbing trying to fix together where he had heard it. His memories were still just a fade ever since coming out of the fog. Even his past name was a blur, yet he still had memories of his past life up until a point after… scratch that. His only memory where of his childhood; dark and lonely times. But somehow he had a feeling it all changed later in life, but the details were cloudy at best.

His old friends; somehow he remembers them. All but Luke, their names forgotten, but he still regarded them. He wondered if they missed him.

Zeta let out a deep sigh. He was now seated on a dusty rock, though he wasn't aware when he got there.

Overlooking the brown dusty desert, he comes across a peculiar sign on its own pointing south of the fields. He approached for a better look of it and the sign read, "Deep Archives. Head straight ahead."

The sign was old and aged. The words, written in black paint, are now close to fading away. He wondered what it might be about and headed towards its direction, though he keeps in mind not to stray too far from the fields.

Minutes in and he has not seen any sign of the "Archives". Maybe it was a traveling caravan who had forgotten that sign. Everywhere is just sand and rock. Over to the north, the town is a distant image in the horizon. 

It was about time Zeta head back, bit he stumbled upon a wooden cover that he lightly grazed on. On its cover were engravings, "Deep Archives". Like the sign it was old; most likely abandoned, but he can't help but let curiosity do the rest.

The bright iron handle glimmers under the sunlight. He cautions in handling it as the sun may have baked it hot.

Gently pushing the cover away, a ladder was hidden away but far from old, which gave him hope someone might still be here.

Climbing down the ladder, the hole was very dark yet somewhat tight to work around. As pitch black surrounds him, a light shimmers below him with a bright yellow tint. It leads him to a small cavern, but bookshelves were lined up in aisles. Not many bookshelves around; only six aligned with each other and the walls were just bare rock, but torches line along them.

Across the ladder was a counter with a door behind it. The tables was barely dusted. Not much maintainance was put to it.

The door began to creak open, revealing a Drilbur who appeared to have just woken up. The sight of Zeta startled him which caused the Drilbur to dive down the counter.

"W-Who are you? What do you want?" the Drilbur said in panic.

"Woah! Calm down. Maybe I should introduce myself. I am Zeta and I just came along this place when I saw your sign outside of the Cactus Field." Zeta said.

"A sign?" The Drilbur rose up, "I must've forgotten to take that down." The Drilbur muttered under his own voice.

"Why?" Zeta said as he faintly heard it.

The Drilbur flinched at his question. He didn't expect the Zoroark to hear. Nonetheless, he emerge from his counter to help better explain.

"My name is Quarry and this are my collection of books I have collected through the years of exploring and treasure hunting. I was so proud of it I decided to make it a public library. I even had signs placed everywhere. But no one showed up except the occasional curious travelers looking for directions so I decided to close it and tear down the signs.

"However the fact that someone like you strayed this far to see this place has given me new hope that I can open it up again." The Drilbur got excited.

"So what books have you collected?" Zeta wondered as he glanced at the six bookshelves beside him.

"I have a lot! I even have some old books from ancient ruins. These books are worth a fortune, I hear."

"Any books about curses?" Zeta asked as the thought popped in his head.

"I may have one. A document on all types of cultures, myths, legends, and maybe some curses. Why not have a look around. I'm sure you'll find it." the Drilbur said as he went to check his collection.

"Curses? How did that thought pop up?", Zeta thought as he passed each the bookshelf looking for a particular book. Something inside Zeta is nagging at him to check for documents on curses, yet he he wonders how its related. Maybe…

"Where's that book?" He scours each book by title for anything relevant. At the farthest bookshelf, he finds a book printed, "Cultures of Parai."

He flips the pages intently for details, passing by a few topics: Geoda, Andalusst, Iapon. Then one title catches his eye: "Continent of Orion."

Even as he reads at in his head, it filled him with a sort of unease. The more he flips through the pages, his arms tremble. His paw sweating as each flip gets increasingly difficult. Is this related to the phenomenon? Is there something in Orion I might have missed?

Am I involved?

"Hey!" A deep gravely tone snapped him from his trance. He was holding on to the book firmly as if he wouldn't allow anyone to take it.

"You the Zoroark they call, 'Zeta?'" The deep tone continued to address him.

Zeta turned to his left to find a Nidoking before him. A black eye patch covers his left eye and his right eye had three claw scares across his eye. He was a few feet taller than Zeta and surely much bigger. Behind him, a Rampardos was looking aimlessly at him. He was nearly as big, but he doesn't look to be as witty.

Are they here to visit the archive?, Zeta thought, but there was something off about them.

"Yes. What about it?" Zeta said, show caution towards them.

"Just a hunch.", the Nidoking grinned.

The Nidoking grabbed hold of Zeta by the chest and lifted him off his feet.

"W-What is the meaning of this?" Zeta said as he attempted to break free to no avail.

"Nothing personal." The Nidoking said.

He pulled back his arm and prepared to throw the Zoroark. Where? Through the bookshelves, of course. The shelves splintered and the books were sent flying. He was thrown upside-down clean through the two bookshelves behind him. Only the last aisle of bookshelves are left standing. Here, the Drilbur witnessed Zeta burst through the aisle.

A startled Drilbur in the last aisle approached Zeta.

"W-What's going on?"

Before Zeta could recover and reply, the Rampados charged, roaring loudly. Like a freight train with no brakes, nothing would stop him. Luckily, Zeta recovered in time to dodge. He used his arms to propel himself upwards from his upside-down position and get above him.

The Rampardos missed and crashed straight through the bookshelf and into the wall, much to the Drilbur's distress.

Zeta got on his feet and prepared his confrontation with the Nidoking who was backing up the Rampardos' charge with a Dynamic Punch. The Rampardos got to his feet behind Zeta for a follow-up attack. Zeta ducked the Nidoking's Punch which caused the attack to hit his Rampardos ally instead and knock him out.

"You'll pay for that, Zoroark!" The Nidoking shouted.

Zeta backed away, but his feet got snared by the Nidoking's tail. Zeta dropped to the ground, cornered and mismatched by the Nidoking's brawn. As the Nidoking prepared for one more attack, the ground below him began to collapse into quicksand, immobilizing him.

"Zoroark! Get back!" The Drilbur instructed as he was raising his claws.

Zeta ran to the side towards the broken mess of wood to give the Drilbur a clearing. Once Zeta is out of reach, the quicksand began to surround the Nidoking and the Rampardos.

When the Drilbur pounded his claws down into the earth, the quicksand erupted through the ceiling, sending the duo through the earth and far out into the desert.

The Drilbur collapsed on his knees from the fatigue of his attack. Once the earth subsided, Zeta approached the Drilbur with awe.

"What power! You said you were a treasure hunter."

"Used to be... I was part of one of the best exploration groups in the Geoda Desert."

Once the Drilbur caught his breath, he examined the mess of broken wood that used to be bookshelves that carry his books. Zeta expressed his pity.

"I'm sorry for this happening. I don't know who they are or why they attacked me-"

"Save it. At least most of my books aren't lost. Though, now I need new bookshelves."

"I should at least help you pick up all these books. Is the least I could do for helping me."

Zeta picked each one by one and stacked them by the counter. Once he found the book he was reading before he was attacked, he can't help but want to find out more about Orion and maybe about what it holds so he find its connection to him. It came to him.

"Can I have this book? I'm willing to pay for it." Zeta offered.

The Drilbur took one short look of it and smiled.

"It's yours. No charge." Quarry said generously as he turned back.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. You look like you need answers finding. Besides, I got that from a bookstore in the city. I could easily find another one."

It was about time Zeta head back. The sun was about to set to the west as the sky turned a reddish-orange. As Zeta returned to the Cactus Field, he was given more questions than before, but unlike before, he may get some answers. Zeta returned to Luke with the book on hand.

I am looking for a permanent list of teams that I may use as I see fit. If you want a cameo in my writings or simply want to be involved in my story, please comment a link to their application with a small description about them.

You can also use this to look for cameos if you're needing.

P.S. If you have a visual reference of them, it will help me visualize them in my stories.
Cameo Call - Permanent List - Free Cameo Resource
So I may look for cameos here instead of placing a new cameo call post every time. >_<

Anyway, Anybody can also look through here if they want to look for cameos.

If your team gets to be cameo'd in my writing, I may place a link to it beside their app link here.

Relics & Runes (Archen, Anorith)
Team Dream Surge (Porygon, Munna)
Team Blackleaf (Treecko, Haunter)
Team Glacial Herb (Amaura, Hoppip)
Team Sunset Walkers (Krokorok, Eevee)

Team Mumei (Skitty, Deerling)
Team Black Blood (Kirlia, Honedge)
Team Renaissance (Chespin, Frogadier)
Team Star Cross Mercury (Skarmory, NidoranF)
The Corona Squad (Heatmor, Pansear)
The Devil's Court (Venipede, Quilava)
Team Bluestar (Riolu, Riolu)
Team Electruth (Plusle, Pikachu)
Team Angel n' Devil (Sneasel, Togepi)
Team Ace of Heart (Braixen, Ralts)

Team Fortuitous (Golurk, Absol)
Team Umbra Amatoribus (Misdreavus, Zoroa)
Team Star (Buizel, Mawile)
Temporal Travelers (Sentret, Purrloin)
Team Mystic (Eevee, Grotle)
Team Dragon Tamer (Espurr, Dragalge)
Team Glowards (Snivy, Aron)
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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I've been here more then 3 years now.(Look through my statistics to be exact on the year. I'm to lazy to look it up. :P)

2. What does your username mean?

PyroNapalm is simply a fusion of two fire-related words that I used to use as a general username.

Now I have a new general username, Mithel_Celestia, MithelCelestia, or any other way it is written as long as "Mithel" and "Celestia" are present. That username is a a recurring character name when making OCs. "Mithel" is a corruption of the word "Myth" while "Celestia" is just "Celestial" without the "l" and No. I am not a brony. -_-

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Lazy, Forgetful, a slacker Creative, Cheerful, and Loyal :3

4. Are you left or right handed?

Right is right, right? Write it down.

5. What was your first deviation?

Except those countless reposts of official art? The written application of Team Darkfang, initially known as Shadowfang. First drawn art posted were conceptual pictures of the Darkfang back when they were basic stages.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

I would say traditional art, but I don't art as often. Literature? I guess? :\

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I don't know how to name artstyles :\ Disney, maybe.

8. What was your first favorite?

Megaman shtuff I guess.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Digital art -.-

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Hawkein, Gondor234, Haychel, WindFlite, Sarcasm-theSickness, redliger, Mytew So many more @_@

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Gondor234, Sarcasm-theSickness, redliger, Mytew Awesome guys. There are also more I wish to meet as well.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

WindFlite I have been following her comics and one such comic had inspired me to join the late :iconpmd-explorers: which in turn had made me begin my route to making traditional and written art and meet many more inspiring Artists. If you're reading this, you have really help set me my course.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Pencil and paper :\ And my smartphone... for writing <.<;

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

School... only... wut? I can't seem to find more enthusiasm to art any other place. Maybe because I game online more than making art <.< but I have so many ideas I want to share to the world >_<

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Every single moment that I was participating in :iconpmd-explorers: before it shutdown. I really enjoyed reading the works of others as each mission, tasks, and errands unfolds, seeing they're stories unfold and inspiring me to make my own stories. Those memories are now passed to :iconpmdunity: and there it is was still really wonderful to be participating in their events and even write my own story plots.

These Mightyena stalked around me, waiting for an opportunity; I didn't give it to them. With my son tucked securely between my front legs, I tried my best to keep Pyrus safe, but every moment I waste, gives them an opportunity to attack. I'm stuck to my spot in the middle of the two prawling mightyena as I prepare for their attack.

I shifted my eyes to the right; A Mightyena was clear on charging at me. The other rushed from the opposite side. I had little time to think; I need a plan immediately. With the help of Nasty Plot, I got my idea. 

I grabbed Pyrus and tossed him above me. The Mightyena came at me and it quickly turned into a fire fight. I kept slashing at one off them and constantly dodged the other.

The struggle took only a few seconds before the two receded from me, just as Pyrus returned from his fall. I caught him and prepared for their next attempt.There was no time for hassles. I gazed at their souless eyes and it came like an invitation for them. Soon enough, they were at it again. Once I threw Pyrus up, the Mightyenas came rushed me. Once again it turned into a struggle. I grabbed a Smoke Ball I brought along and created some cover. I kept them tangled inside form my next big move: Play Rough ensued.

After a few moments struggling, I managed to toss them towards the wall. This time I sent them running with tails between their legs. Pyrus returned once again from the fall I gave him. He was feeling very woozy, but  I'm just glad he's safe.

"You alright, Pyrus?"

"Yeah... Im alright…" Pyrus replied, swirly-eyed.

The danger hadn't passed, though. Moments after the Mightyena fled, A blood-curdling howl echoed throughout the dungeon; More will come.

"We need to go. NOW!" 

I placed Pyrus on my back and sprinted for the exit. It didn't take long for me to reach the gate as  the first few rooms were clear(thank goodness) but once I reached the last chamber, two Houndoom were waiting.

"No! They're blocking our path!" I made an abrupt halt; Pyrus probably felt that.

"Father, what do we do?" Pyrus asked.

The Houndoom took a long look at us before charging with fangs bared and just as furious.

"We needed to find another way out."

I ran back to the hall but I could see a Mightyena at the far end. I looked to my back and the Houndoom are getting very close; I was trapped, or so I thought. I noticed a path hidden by the shadows to the left of me and ran in without reluctance.

It was long and dark. I don't know what I would meet. I ran down the empty corridor until suddenly I could hear some struggling ahead of me. A booming thunder reverbed through the hall and a Houndoom was hurled over our head. I continued onwards.

I arrived at the room and I could clearly see who caused the boom. From the elevated cliff I rested, I could see a Noivern amongst two other figures. I quickly  identified them as Guild Members; From the Explorers guild I would bet. I thought to sneak around them, but they had noticed me before I left the room. They prepared to attack. A leafeon began to speak.

"Who are you? Wait… you're the figure we saw earlier."

"There is no time for this. A pack is coming fast, we need to get out." I pleaded.

They were skeptical about my plea, but they soon noticed my son, who was clenching frightfully on my back, and so decided not to reason with me. 

"Alright! We need to head back." The Noivern commanded her fellow members.

"We'll lead you both to safety, but after this, you need to explain yourself. You're in our custody."

I nodded in agreement. I didnt care too much about how much trouble I'd be in. I just need to get my son out of here.


The explorers began escorting me back to where they entered. A few Houndooms got in our way, but the Explorers were exceptionally skilled at dealing with them. The path behind us began to show signs of the pack coming. The Noivern blasted the cueling and caved the path, giving us time to flee.

We were feets away from getting to the exit when one final occurrence took place.

"Get Down!" 

A powerful purple beam was heading straight for us. We had little to no time to dodge. The Arcanine had no other option but to pull out a Protect to shield us, but the impact threw us  further away from the exit.

When the smoke finally cleared, we were facing head-to-head with a Tyranitar. 

"We didn't see him before." The Leafeon mentioned. 

"He must've laid dormant until we return to the exit.

My heart raced at the thought of losing our chance to escape. Even with a Grass-type amongst us, we are still no match for the Rock and Dark type. Two of us are weak to him and I can't put a dent on him. Theres no other way around this now.

"Listen. Take my son and make for the exit." I requested them.

"What?! What about you?" The Arcanine was astonished by my development.

"We can't take on this Tyranitar. Even with the Leafeon with us, we are still no match for it. Make for the exit with my son while I grab its attention."

The Noivern was persistant and thought she could convince me out of this.

"That's preposterous! We're dealing with this together-"

"No! It will take too much time! The pack is coming and this might be your only chance at getting out." I explained.

"Only I can lure him away while you guys make for the exit! I can find my own way out but right now, I only care about my son's safety. We have no other choice anymore."

The Noivern was speechless. Her fellow team members were astonished as well, perhaps it might have the first time they saw their leader being told like that. The Noivern sighed and contemplated for a moment.

"Alright. We'll leave, with your son. But you better promise me you'll get out alive. We still have business regarding your presence here."

I looked at my son and gave him one last kiss. "You be good, son." He looked up at me with the most confused looked. It was the hardest moment I've ever done.

I gave them my son and went of to harass the pseudo-legend. The Explorers went around the Tyranitar, who was getting ready to strike at them. I called his attention.

"Hey! Numbskull!"

He turned to me and our eyes locked. I see a red haze coming from him which signified that the Taunt had worked. He sent a Hyper Beam at me and I evasively dodged it. The Hyper Beam strayed towards the ceiling and the cavern was getting ready to cave in. I saw a large chunk fall above the Noivern who had my son.

"Look out!" I yelled as I casted a Dark Pulse to destroy the boulder.

"Go!" I instructed her when our eyes met. She nodded before leaving. I could see my son pleading to reach me, but I need to do this.

After they finally left, I saw the exit caving in, losing my direct escape route; The entire cavern was beginning to fall apart. I dodge the falling debris, but it seems the rubbles are more prominant above the Tyranitar. They fell on top him and got buried under the debris, trapping the Tyranitar.

I stood there, looking at the rubble and thinking of a way to head back. There is still a pack to deal with on my way back, but I can find a way around them. After all, I have been here befo-


"I am amazed by your survival skills. After all that your still standing. But you were a tad bit careless… perhaps I can make use of you, like how I did with everyone else who trespassed in our Shrine."

"S-Shrine? I didn't know there was- ah?!"

"Go to sleep. Once you awake, you'll be under our control."


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