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Alluring Illusion
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Trainer Data:
Full Name: Mithel "Myth" Celestia
Gender: Male
Hometown: ???
Trainer class: Ranger, Psychic, Deceiver*
Specializes in: Dark, Psychic-Types

*Deceiver (Japanese: 奇術師 Illusionist) is a type of trainer class who specializes in Illusions and deceptive tactics to take advantage of their opponents. They are tricksters and tend to disguise themselves as another trainer class to deceive challenging trainers, but soon break off of it as soon as they are found. They tend to use annoyer and stall tactics such as Embargo and Swagger along with bulky and fast Dark-types like Zoroark and Umbreon to give trainers a hard time during battle.


Pyrus, Zeta and Luke all stood in front of the dungeon gate and prepared for their approach. Pyrus stood ahead and got ready before heading in first. Firmly grasping his explorer pack, he made his farewell to Zeta and Luke before heading in towards the unknown dungeon.

His entrance into the dungoen felt cloudy and the experience gave a moment of daze as he set foot on the dungeon floor. He felt a forward tug of gravity as he collects his thoughts to stabilize his position. The room was dark but it appeared to be elevated and somewhat steep. Some stones rolled down from the sudden jolt of movement when he had stopped his movement.

It continued to tumble downhill as it rolled towards the other wall. A sudden plume of purple smoke detonated as the rocks struck the wall with a slight force. Once the plume cleared, spikes radiating a purple glow stuck to the ground, implying a trap had been triggered. He'd better be careful, as more traps could present.

An old, locked, creaky door blocks Pyrus path to the a room when he approached the western side. He rubbed his paws and took his wand-stick, which ignited with a spark from the friction of his tail fur. He spun it forward and aimed it in front of him. He placed the flaming end ahead of his maw and blew a strong stream of fire from the back of his throut. The Incinerate made contact with the flames from his stick which resulted in a plume of fire which blasted the old door off its rivets. He returned his wand-stick on his tail and entered the room.

He felt an odd sensation, as if he could almost trip, the moment he gets in the room. His body felt as if he was moving faster than his feet could allow; It was strange to say the least. His walking stabilized later on after sometime. Perhaps it was all in his head.

He spots something stuck on the ground as he got his senses back. It was one of those Fleshcap mushrooms the guild had mentioned; Certainly the guild may want this. He pulled the fungus off its roots and placed it in his pouch.

He looked around the room, searching for any pathways it may lead. The cavern lead to nowhere else so he turns back to room before this. He moved on towards the east door which bore the same door that had blocked him earlier. Once more, he repeated the procedure and blasted the door. This time around it flew open without even ripping the hinges off. Perhaps it wasn't even lock in the first place.

The smoke clears, and the contents of the room was apparent. Vines hang off the walls and cielings and through the cracks on the walls and ground. It was hard to spot what else was inside and is certainly difficult to move around.

He noticed some small trees growing from the cracks and went to observe them, but a russle was heard and it was coming from behind him.

"INTRUDER!" it shouted before spiting out a Mud bomb towards the Fire type.

Pyrus grasped the vines and swung around to evade the incoming Mud bomb. The Fire type moved swiftly around, through the foolage and vines to get an advantage over his attacker. It tried desperately to hit Pyrus, but it seemed that the Braixen's speed was too fast for him. Pyrus made one fast leap to land behind his attacker and threw a Powered fist towards it. He threw his attackers through the foilage and towards the cavern walls, printing a crack on the wall. A short glimpse during its flight identified his attacker as a Barboach, one of the hostiles mentioned by the guild. 

Pyrus stood from his place and observed a purple smoke plume at the point where the Barboach crashed. Purple needles shoot from the smoke and towards Pyrus, barely missing him by an inch as it shoot past him towards the wall behind him. Once the smoke cleared, the startled Braixen investigated the site and found his attacker lying unconcious. Purple needles riddled the ceiling and walls and, luckily, some of the foilage preventing the needles from covering the whole room.

Pyrus roamed along the walls for a new path and hopefully no more traps. He scouted the entire perimeter of the room only to return to the door he started from. It was clear this room holds no other path. Pyrus turned back to the room before and searched the south door, beside the sprung trap.

He tried the door to see if it was open and oddly enough it was partly opened. He pushed the door which swung fully inwards towards the new vast cavern. The walls were supported with strong wooden posts which appear as if they were recently placed.

Pyrus felt a quiver down tmthe ground below him. The dungeon was shaking and rubble fell off the cuelings. It was short, and the shaking subsided. A faint sound was heard down the west path and fed Pyrus'  curiousity.

A bright light began contrasting the ambient atmosphere as he got closer. Pyrus hid behind a large boulder as he overlooked source where the light came from. Voices echoed and it sounds like a struggle. Faint shadows could be seen on the wall which showed a struggle between four Pokemon.

Pyrus approached cautiously closer and he soon came upon a sight of a Barboach which was thrown a distance beside him. Pyrus sprint towards the shadows to hide his presence from the Barboach. Luckily, the mudfish slipped past him.

Pyrus continued his approach towards the light source and spots a familiar Tyrant facing two Barboach alone. His Shuppet partner laid beside a wall with bruises all over. Pyrus noticed a few planks lying beside and decided to use it. Pyrus lept from his shady hiding and tossed a wooden plank towards one Barboach with his Psychic which shoot the Barboach towards the wall, knocking it unconscious. The Tyrunt finished the other Barboach with a --- and sent him cowering with his knocked out Barboach ally.

The Tyrunt let out a sigh in relief.

"I thought we were finished."

He turned towards the Braixen and was surprised to find a familiar face.

"You're the Braixen friend of Zeta. Pyrus, right? Zeta already shared me your name" He said cheerfully. "What a coincidence to see you here."

"What were you doing here?" Pyrus asked.

"Same as you." He explained, "We arrived earlier and placed these supports and widened this path towards the next room. But we were ambushed by the two Barboach and knocked my partner out before we could retaliate."

The Tyrunt approached his injured partner and carried her in his arms. "My partner is greatly injured, so I can't resume our trek. Thank you for coming to our aid."

And the Tyrunt went off to leave the dungeon. 

Pyrus still has more to survey in this dungeon. After the team left, finds a Spoolstone stuck on the ground directly below his feet. He collects it and places it in his pouch before returning back to the last room.

Across the room was a wooden door he had apparently missed when he first entered. He bursted through using a lesser Overheat which released an amount of smoke and cleared the path to the next room.

He steps in as the smoke clears, but floor began to crumble from below his feet. Floor gives way and Pyrus fell into the hole. A Barboach peaks from above and taunts the Braixen.

"Fufufufu! I foreseen you fell into that trap. Now my next prophecy is your doom!"

The Barboach bombards Pyrus with a Mud Bomb, but the Braixen blasts it away with Incinerate. The Barboach doesn't let up as he constantly throws attacks at the Braixen leaving him with no option but to dodge.

As Pyrus runs to dodge the rain of attacks, he comes up with a plan using the stack of planks he has left and Psychic. With concentration, he hypercharges the energy around a wood plank and threw it towards the ceiling. It tosses a rock slide down onto the unsuspecting Barboach as well as bounces off to hit the Barboach first, knocking him back while the rock slide buries him.

With the opportunity open, Pyrus uses what is left of his planks to climb up of the ditch by makeshift platforms. Pyrus leaps ahead of the Barboach crawling to collect his thoughts and rains down Overheat, leaving a fiery stream. As the stream clears the Barboach was laid down unconcious.

The battle ends and Pyrus resumes his survey but Pyrus finds no path here; This room was a waste of effort. Before he could turn back, he sees a glimpse of what looks like rusted parts within the darkness with an eerie, ancient feel to it. He comes for a closer look and finds an old rusty machine which looks like what people used to build before. The parts appear to still be functional, though. He notes its location for the Research team to comeback later for better inspection. He turns back to the other room to continue his survey.

Wearily, he starts to tire from this journey. He returned to the area where he encountered the other team and continued on south to a cavern which appeared unstable to the slightest noise. Quietly, he scouted the cavern and noted its features as to easily identify the cavern later on. 

As he jotted down his notes, he was alerted to a presence behind him which gave him time to escape a potential hit from a Water Gun. The cavern quivered slightly as the noise reverbed around the room. A sight of a Barboach caught Pyrus's eyes and all he could think was to silence him quickly before too much damage was done on the caverns.

As the Barboach sent another Water Gun, Pyrus prepared his Psychic to divert its attack back at the Barboach. The Ground/Water type was knocked back and Pyrus took the chance to strike him with a Powered-up Punch. Pyrus threw himself towards the dazed Barboach, but the Ground/Water type preemptively used a Water gun and threw the Fire type back with greater force. Pyrus crashed to the ground, wet, weakened and farther away from the Barboach. Pyrus staggered to lift himself, then the Ground/Water type sent a Mud Bomb to finish him. Determined, Pyrus sent a full-powered Overheat to counter the Mud Bomb heading towards him. The Overheat was more than enough to counter the Mud Bomb and continued straight towards the Barboach. Blazed by the attack, the Ground/Water type fell unconscious as inconspicous burns riddles his body. 

Pyrus got on his feet, though he was too weakened to carry anything else. He made for the exit nearby and left the dungeon to send his report back to the Explorer's Guild.

Basalt Halls - Nova
Team Nova: [link]

Team Rapstrike: [link]

Team Rapstrike belongs to :icongondor234:
Pyrus belongs to me
Looking for teams who will act as the construction team for the dungeon supports. Tnx!
Cameo Search - Explorers construction team
Also feel free to use my team for your exlorations.
Date Joined: 12/5/14
Current Funds: 0 Star Coins

Merits: ---
Strikes: ---


Species: Braixen
Nature: Adamant
-Characteristic: Likes to Fight
Gender: Male                    Age: 12 (Human Years)

Magician - Pyrus is tricky and deceptive. He can snatch an item without you even knowing it.

Strength: 3                  Agility: 4
Intelligence: 2 [+2]              Charisma: 1

Total Points Left: 10/10
Type Bonus: [+2] Psychic -> Intelligence

Incinerate - Pyrus is different from other Braixens in the ability to breathe fire. Unlike most Braixens who lose that capability upon evolution in favor of channeling through a stick, Pyrus has maintained this ability upon evolution and one us for this is to burn any of the opponents food items.

Overheat - Another use is to cast a fiery explosion or a blazing stream of fire. Combining with his ability to channel his fire towards various points, he can release intense jets of fire which can damage the target internally. This much power can cause huge undefined consequences.

Psychic - Without much effort, Pyrus can cause large mental damages to his opponents and can lift large numbers of objects at one time without a mental strain/fatigue.

Power-up Punch
- Despite holding these many ranged movers, Pyrus still prefers to fight up close and personal. One jab from this move will significantly increase his damage output for the next attack and what follows.


-/ Pitch Black Broad Brim Hat - A black wide brim hat folded on one part.

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

A single streak of blue sky between the dense clouds above Andalusst City marks the start of an unpredictable morning, and it seems like rain or shine could develop at a whim. The assorted traders and pedestrians mulling about seem to be a little wary, trying to park their stalls and carts in shaded areas or making efforts to keep their dry produce hidden away for now.

While the Explorers Guild Hall isn't exactly the most eye-catching building, it still has a somewhat homely feel to it, even though Pyrus has only just finished registering. The Explorers seem to have a certain unmistakable aura to them, though one in particular happens to meet your gaze.

The Servine leaning against a nearby wall inclines her narrow snout toward you and gives a little nod, her bright eyes briefly visible under the shadow of her hat.

"Hey... New, are you?" She speaks with a hint of caution, but her tone is otherwise welcoming. "Hmm, stupid question. 'Course you are, I saw you sign in. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."

Pyrus gave a quick glance before looking away in disinterest, but the most he could do was share his name, "My name is Pyrus."

Upon receiving this response, she relaxes a little, folding her small arms across her chest. "Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that "zing". It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

She stares at you with a blank face for a moment, then giggles quietly. "You know, you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes."

She extends one of her thin, green vines and nods, expecting a handshake even though she keeps her arms folded. "So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?"

"I'm Andalussian. I'm from the lower districts." He explained leaning towards a wall nearby.

Teresa nods and withdraws her vine.
"Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

Pyrus was starting to grow weary from these questions, but he didn't want to be so rude as to cut the conversation prematurely.

"Nova." He said from back of his through, "My Team is Nova."

A smile creeps over her narrow features when she hears the given name of your team, though it's ambiguous as to whether she found it inspiring or amusing for other reasons. "There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party." She taps the side of her snout, then clicks her tiny fingers as another question enters her mind. "Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..."

"I want to find my father." he explained, "If joining the guild can help me find him, then that is my reason."

After his explanation, he had gotten off his weary demeanor.

She listens patiently to the explanation, but as soon as you're done with the tale, she immediately begins speaking again, her words leaving her mouth more rapidly and urgently than before. "...Because ultimately, the people come first, yeah? There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!"

He remained silent for the most part after her statement. Pyrus hadn't had other reasons to join the guild other than to find his father.

Teresa sways her leaf-adorned tail from side to side and taps her foot, momentarily distracted by her own thoughts, a wanting grin plastered across her face. When she snaps back to reality, she lifts her snout into the air and clears her throat. "N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think."

Pyrus's eyes began to glow a light purple. Many objects start floating around him and his ease of performing the task was apparent.

"I can manipulate as many objects with my Psychic power. I have alot of mental strength, so I can maintain it for long periods of time."

Even before you've finished properly answering, Teresa clicks her fingers and purses her lips, as if hearing that mythical zing yet again. "I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help."

Sounding much more cheerful than when she'd first approached, she gives you a little wave and turns to immediately engage another group of recruits nearby, no doubt asking them similar questions. The life of a Guild Assistant must be a busy one.
Pyrus - Team Nova Application
Fullname: Pyrus Nova Prominance
Species: Braixen
Age: Adolescent
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Combined Light of Orion


Magician - Pyrus is tricky and deceptive. He can snatch an item without you even knowing it.

A Braixen with a wide black cap folded on one edge.

Pyrus is a quiet, anti-social Braixen who mostly stays away from pedestrians as not to alarm anyone of his previous life. He is rather apathetic towards most things and only cares about those he is fond of.

He has exceptional skill in his Psychic powers as a result of his Psychic bloodline. He has yet to reach the full potential of his powers.

was an juvenile thief who caused trouble on the very district he lived in. He was known to blow embers on Pokemons' faces when they get close to catching him, giving him time to escape. With Zeta's guidance, this part of him has slowly disappeared, but his mischievous behaviors still bring him towards trouble.
Zeta was sound asleep comfortably on his bed; free from any disturbance and worry. The room was quiet and still. No action took place, but then a slight sound broke the silence.

*Psssst! Zeta. Are you awake?*

Zeta heard a call ringing in his ear. He opened his heavy eyelids and looked around as he lay still on his bed. His vision was a blur but he saw of a figure in front of him.

*Pyrus…How'd you get in here?" 

The Zoroark rose up from his bed as he yawned and stretched. He was too dazed to think, but the thought constantly raced through his head. The doors were locked and the windows were... 

"You broke the GLASS?!" Zeta's eyes shot wide open.

A wide circular gap clean off the edges was present on the glass. The damage that had been done was certainly irreversible. How is he gonna explain this?

"I cut through the glass with rocks using Psychic to carry them in a pattern."

Zeta turned to the Braixen with a frustrated stare who in return only showed a blank expression with no idea of what he has done.

Zeta kept the damage out of his mind, but he can't help but stay frustrated.

"We'll discuss this later. What do you want?"

"I thought of it for a long time and I've finally decided I would like to join the Explorer's Guild."

Zeta closed his eyes and sighed, "Alright. We'll do this in the morning, but please wait outside this time! I don't want to pay for any more of your damages."


Zeta and Pyrus made their way to the Explorer's guild as Zeta had promised. They entered the building which was flooding with Pokemon today. Pokemon flow in and out of this facility like water in a stream. Others collect towards a wall as they discuss why to do. Along the walls were decorated with boards and on each one are slips and posters. Each is a request and are arranged by request types. 

At the other end of the hall that diverges into a "T" lies the registration office. A green curtain blocks the open door to keep privacy but allow for ease of entrance and stuck on the wall beside is a wooden sign which says, "Register Office."

The curtains were spread and Zeta walked forth into the office. A desk lay before them with papers organized neatly on the side, but the curator was absent from the desk. There was bell placed on the side for the convenience of Zeta. He rang it.


The desk jumped suddenly as Zeta rang the bell and emerging from below was a Mightyena with his paw on his head and a pen on his mouth.

"S-Sorry for letting you wait."

The Mightyena cleared his throut.

"I'm Ark and I'll be assisting you today." 
He layed the pen down on the desk and took a sheet from the stack.

"So it should be no mistake you came to register."

Zeta sat down and corrected the Dark-type.

"I came to help my friend here. HE wants to join this guild." Zeta said as he presented the Braixen to the Mightyena.

The Mightyena quietly observed the Braixen for a moment or two before he did anything, and then he got weird.

"L-Let me get back to you… How about you fill up the registration form while you wait." the Mightyena stood up and retreated to the orange curtain behind him which puzzled Zeta.

"That was weird."

After filling up the registration form, a Luxray emerged from behind the curtain and greeted the two.

"Good morning. Hello, Pyrus. Its been sometime."

Zeta was surprised, "You both met?"

"Yes, we have." The Luxray explained, "He filed a search and rescue for his father months ago before he ran off. Ever since he left, we did all we can to fulfill his request upon his return."

The Luxray turned to face the Braixen with determined confidence. "I assure, Pyrus, we will do what ever we can to find him. We have already managed to clear the dungeon gate while you were away, so its only a matter of time until we can find him."

The Braixen nodded a little but he refused to make eye contact; he remained quiet and secluded behind Zeta.

"Now let's continue with your registration." The Luxray continued.

Zeta handed over the forms that Pyrus filled to the Luxray who accepted it and stamped it on the desk.

"It will take sometime to document your registration. You can expect to begin working for the guild in a few days."

With their registration finished, they made their way out the door. They were about to head back, but a familiar call stopped them.

"Hey! Zeta!"

Zeta turned towards the call. It was a Tyrant and bringing along him was his partner, a Shuppet.

"Crag, Good Morning." Zeta greeted him

"What brings you here? I never knew you were an Explorer." The Tyrunt wondered.

"I'm not." He explained, "I'm helping my friend here register to this guild."

Crag noticed the Braixen beside Zeta and proceeded to greeted him.

"Well, Hello. I'm Crag. Nice to meet you. This is my partner, Phara."

Pyrus took a short glance and shrugged off his greeting before he looked away in disinterest as he crossed his arms.

"Pyrus, don't be rude."

"Well he is... something." Crag said awkwardly. "We'll be off now. We have a task assigned."

The team turned back and went off their way. Zeta bid them farewell.

As Zeta and Pyrus made off to the exit, they spot the Mightyena from earlier outside conversing with a Linoone, looking distressed and frustrated.

"So what is the problem here?" Zeta approached to give his helping hand.

"My brother, Trace, is having more of his 'thief issues', as usual." The Ark explained as he returned conversing with his brother.

Zeta took a look at the Linoone in front him and immediately recalled who he was.

"Ah! You were the Linoone I helped a while back!" Zeta shouted.

The Linoone looked back at Zeta and he too remembered who he was.

"You were the Zoroark who helped me!" 

The Mightyena stood between them, confused and puzzled, "So you both met?"

"Yes. He was the Zoroark I told you about. Thanks for the help with that one thief. So where's the little rascal?" He wondered, recalling of last time they met.

"He's here with me. He just registered into the guilds under my supervision."

The Braixen stood out of the Linoone's sight behind Zeta keeping quiet in case the later may hold a grudge.

"I see…" The Linoone paused, contemplating for a moment.

"What you do with him is none of my business." he shrugged.

Pyrus was relieved to hear that. For now he can at least face them. Zeta resumed their conversation starting with the Linoone's problem.

"What was the thief problem, this time?" Zeta asked.

"Usually its nothing I can't handle," Trace said boastfully, "But recently there has been this one fast thief who could outrun me with no effort."

Pyrus was shocked upon hearing it. He emerged from Zeta's back with interest towards the thief.

"What does he look like!?" The Braixen pleaded to know.

"He was this feline-looking Pokemon," Trace explained, "Dark fur, bright splotches all over, wearing a worn out cloak, and a wide hat." He added.

Pyrus was almost in disbelief.

"It couldn't be... It must be him…" he said out loud.

"Who?" Zeta asked.

"My father!"

Well this took longer than needed -.-

This is takes place after Zeta's formal meeting with the Braixen... Not much else to say other than I'm slowly fighting back this block of some sorts. Also, does anyone remember someone here? *erherm, wink, wink*
Team Rapstrike:

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